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NOTE: Most films shown on BSOH are parodies of the original and are significantly altered from their original form. Seasons are based on DVD collector set numbers, not on actual years of broadcast. None of the films listed below should be considered the original version of any film shown, all have been modified from their original presentation versions.
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Episode 101
"Atom Age Vampire"

This is the original pilot episode of The Basement Sublet of Horror where the TV show was still being developed and the character of Gunther wasn't quite yet established. It features the Mario Bava directed film "Atom Age Vampire", which was condensed and re-cut adding in educational footage to form a new parody version. And, it goes well with coffee.
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Episode 102
"The Wasp Woman"
Gunther Dedmund returns for a second episode of The Basement Sublet of Horror, this time with a parody cut-up version of the Roger Corman classic horror film "The Wasp Woman". Adding in a variety of film shorts for your condensed movie enjoyment. Watch Online
Episode 103
"They Came From Beyond Space"
This episode features the British movie "They Came from Beyond Space", which for some reason was based on a book called "The Gods Hate Kansas" (how appropriate for a TV show based in Kansas). Gunther has produced another parody cut-up version of this film, approaching it with his usual glee for trashing bad old films. But, what's with this obsession with 50s house wife's and car musical numbers? Watch Online
Episode 104
Hercules and the Haunted World
During the first season of BSOH Gunther began showing some of his earlier film projects bases on re-edited 16mm films that we later converted to video tape. This episode features a heavily altered version of “Hercules and the Haunted World” in Gunther’s updated parody version including excerpts from a number of educational films. Gladiators, vampires, zombies, magic, witchcraft, psychics... this baby's got it all packed into one movie, co-starring Christopher Lee.
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Episode 105
"The Giant Gila Monster"

What could be better than combining bar-b-que with the Roger Corman classic "The Giant Gila Monster", in this Gunther Dedmund parody version of the original film, where it is condensed down and intercut with various visual gags. What is Gila Jerky?

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Episode 106
"The Killer Shrews"
Gunther Dedmund is a sick, sick man… or horror host. In this episode he’s combined the Roger Corman classic “The Killer Shrews” with a film on Hormel meat processing in this parody version of the original film. Sing along with us, there’s no music, but you’ll need something to help you pass the time.

"Processed meats, what a TREAT!"

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Episode 107
"Project Kill"
Gunther sometimes strays a bit from the horror format, expanding the shows content to also include horrible movies. During the first season of BSOH Gunther began showing some of his earlier film projects bases on re-edited 16mm films that we later converted to video tape. In this episode we bring you the horrifying wonder of the acting of Leslie Nielsen in one of the earlier “serious” film roles in the spy thriller “Project Kill”. Although, it gets pretty hard to tell the difference between Neilsen’s serious roles and his later comedies. To top that off this is Gunther’s parody version of the film adding in various bits to counterpoint the drug and alcohol themes in the movie.
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Episode 108
"Killers From Space"
Who can forget the incredible performance of Peter Graves in tonight’s feature film “Killers From Space”, just to make sure host Gunther Dedmund has condensed, re-edited, and opening mocked this classic of the Sci-Fi Cinema.

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Episode 109
"The House on Haunted Hill"
Another staple film of the great horror host plague of the early ought years of the 21st Century was the film “House on Haunted Hill”, which was greatly over played since it was public domain. Well, if you’re tired of the original Gunther gives you his heavily condensed and altered version, inter-cut with educational footage to try and bring new life to this great film.
No... we won't even leave classic horror films alone.
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Episode 109
"The House on Haunted Hill"
ReDo, Updated Edition
Episode 110
"The Magnificent Gladiator"
It’s just too easy of a target, muscle bound men in ancient Greece. Gunther jumps into the arena to attack this film with every weapon at his disposal, condensing down the original 16mm print into a manageable 40 minutes, then adding in educational footage whenever he got bored (which was quite often). This episode also features the first appearance of the reoccurring BSOH newscaster character Richard Wayne, who appears only to add the death blow to the film. You might even laugh, you’ll probably cry, you may even tear your hair out over the mindlessness of this cinematic disaster of a movie. Enjoy?
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Episode 111
"The Brain that Wouldn't Die"
This is one of our favorite episodes where we mock not only the feature film “The Brain that Wouldn’t Die”, but the public access station that original ran this show, Channel 99 in Lawrence, Kansas. Gunther takes pure joy in trashing this film, because… why not? He loves this public domain classic and lays into re-editing it with total glee. I don’t think any horror host has had as much fun mocking a movie as Gunther does with this film. Have fun, we sure did!

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Episode 112
"The Last Man on Earth"
The US version of the Italian version of Richard Matheson’s “The Last Man On Earth”, lovingly re-edited by host Gunther Dedmund, whose condensed the film and added in new/old films to spice things up. This is the first release of this updated version of the episode with some brief new material added. Have fun! . Watch Online
Episode 112
"The Last Man on Earth"
ReDo, Updated Edition
Episode 113
"Creature from the Haunted Sea"

Who knew that Roger Corman would provide such a rich collection of bad movies for the future of public access cable shows across the country. This BSOH episode features his classic “The Creature from the Haunted Sea”, although once again Gunther has re-cut the film into a new parody version.

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Episode 114
"Attack of the Monsters"
Once again we find Gunther in his kitchen whipping up a nice big can of “Attack of the Monsters”, the amazingly weird Japanese movie. As before Gunther has lovingly chopped and diced the movie into smaller bite of cinema weirdness, creating a parody soufflé for you to enjoy. This episode also features the beginnings of Gunther’s ongoing problem of pesky neighbors, who seem to show up quite often on this show.

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Episode 115
"The Last Prom"
There is absolutely nothing redeeming or entertaining about this bleak and depressing episode. When it was shown on an online television channel viewers commented that it made them want to kill themselves, which is pretty high praise indeed. This episode finds Gunther in a dark place, trying to actually find humor is a drivers education film. We agree, he’s really in need of help. Don't drink and watch this episode!
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Episode 116
"Night of the Blood Beast"

Gunther received a tape from a viewer that showed a bizarre parody that we thought was pretty entertaining, so we brought the viewer into our studio to expand on his gag and have him host the show as a parody of Gunther. The film shown is “Night of the Blood Beast”, once again it’s Gunther’s parody version of the film with this weeks obsession being fried chicken.

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