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NOTE: Most films shown on BSOH are parodies of the original and are significantly altered from their original form. Seasons are based on DVD collector set numbers, not on actual years of broadcast. None of the films listed below should be considered the original version of any film shown, all have been modified from their original presentation versions. Season Two of the show was slated to begin with what is now episode #118, but due to numerous production problems, the episodes were switched to continue season one. This list displays both episode numbers.
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Title Info Online Viewing
Episode 117
The Horror Host Special

This is our first horror host special including a behind the scenes look at our show The Basement Sublet of Horror called “The Film Butcher”, which is a nickname that our film editor acquired early on. Then excerpts from Jeff Kilian’s documentary on Tom Leahy Jrs horror host television show “Nightmare” with interviews and footage. Then probably the last in costume interview with Kansas City horror host Crematia Mortem from the show “Creature Feature”, conducted at a 2007 horror convention in Wichita.

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Episode 118
"Attack of the Giant Leeches"

This is an early classic episode of BSOH in the original format, where Gunther condenses, then re-edits a feature film with intercut other old films inserted to produce a new parody comedic version. This episode features "Attack of the Giant Leeches" with Gunther hosting as he hides in the back of his basement sublet to try and escape his relatives.Version two, with short film insert by The Mumbles

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Episode 118 - version one
"Attack of the Giant Leeches"
Version one, Gunther escapes from this relatives?
with a short film insert
[Episode version pulled from release]
Episode 119
"The Last Woman on Earth"
The Basement Sublet of Horror is inspired by the Wichita, Kansas horror host program by Tom Leahy Jr. “Nightmare: The Host and Rodney”, Gunther decided that he might want to expand the show to include a sci-fi aspect resembling Leahy’s other television program “Major Astro”. So, in the middle of the production of this episode we get to see the scrambled aborted attempts at a sci-fi program shot on a budget below shoestring. The show was to be “Richard Wayne: Space Cadet”. Meanwhile Gunther trashes the feature film “The Last Woman on Earth, an early Roger Corman favorite. Watch Online
Episode 120
Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

Who would combine films about drug usage with a classic Xmas film? Gunther Dedmund. In this episode preps his basement sublet for Xmas while trashing the bad holiday classic "Santa Claus Conquers The Martians". You've probably seen this film before, but this is altered parody version where Gunther has cut out all boring parts, like the 20 min. snoozer opening. It also features the first film appearance of the true queen of Hollywood, Pia Zadora.

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Episode 121
Teenagers from Outer Space
Here we go with Gunther’s version of “Teenagers from Outer Space” where he’s re-cut the film and changed it into a new parody version. It also features hosting skits about UFOs and UFO experts. Watch Online
Episode 122
A Bucket of Blood
Gunther gets his hands into the clay with his parody version of Roger Corman’s “Bucket of Blood”, he also tries his hand at the talk show format with disastrous results with his only guest the most boring and lame zombie ever put on the small screen. Watch Online
Episode 123
The Strange Fixations of the Basement Sublet of Horror
The best bits from the Basement Sublet of Horror an Channel News Action Team Special Report. Richard Wayne, Channel News Team Anchorman, takes the helm on this early best of clip reel as he tries to find and understand “The Strange Fixations of The Basement Sublet of Horror". Watch Online
Episode 123
The Strange Fixations of the Basement Sublet of Horror
Updated, with season two
Episode 123
The Strange Fixations of the Basement Sublet of Horror
90 minute version, merged with episode #126 "Phantom From Space"  
Episode 124
Deadly Treasure of the Piranha
(Pulled from release, this title will not be shown)  
Episode 125
Satan's Children
Gunther hears messages from Satan
(Pulled from release, this title will not be shown)
Episode 125
Satan's Children
ReDo, Updated Edition
(Pulled from release, this title will not be shown)
Episode 126
Phantom from Space
Gunther digs out another bland classic, this time “Phantom from Space”, then re-cuts it, added in some cool vintage skateboarding footage and BAM it’s a whole new deal. Nothing goes to waste on this cutting room floor. Watch Online
Episode 127
Werewolf in a Girl's Dormitory
Gunther takes on a part time in home telemarketing job and finds himself in trouble not only with sales but with his new boss. Meanwhile you can enjoy the condensed Film Butcher parody version of "Werewolf in a Girl's Dormitory", with all sorts of found film goodies inserted during the film. Watch Online
Episode 128
Teenaged Zombies
The Basement Sublet of Horror, episode #128 features our re-edited parody version of the classic horror film "Teenage Zombies", meanwhile Gunther is pressured to update the format of his show and is convinced to try a teen dance party approach. Which will go wrong first, the movie or Gunther's Dance Party. Watch Online
Episode 129
The Screaming Skull
In this episode Gunther's basement develops a ghost problem, that kind of gets into his head. Meanwhile you can watch the Special Altered Parody Edition of "The Screaming Skull" the 1958 masterpiece of misguided horror. Also featuring a guest appearance by Lawrence musician Tim Manning as the skullbuster. Watch Online
Episode 130
The Bloody Pit of Horror
Money and food grow short in the Basement Sublet, so Gunther takes us on a hunt for food and breaks a few rules along the way. The money is a mercifully re-cut version of the torture classic “The Bloody Pit of Horror”, unfortunately the torture made Gunther cringe so he decided to trim those parts down and just have some fun instead. It’s a parody version party. Watch Online
Episode 131
I Bury the Living
Gunther brings up his version of “I Bury the Living”, but winds up getting bored in the middle and channel surfing through other content, including public access footage from the Salina, Kansas channel (footage produced by Tim Manning). Watch Online
Episode 132
The Beast from the Beginning of Time
Un-released horror film from Wichita, KS directed by horror host Tom Leahy
(shown with permission from Mr. Leahy)

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