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NOTE: Most films shown on BSOH are parodies of the original and are significantly altered from their original form.
Seasons are based on DVD collector set numbers, not on actual years of broadcast.
None of the films listed below should be considered the original version of any film shown, all have been modified from their original presentation versions.
Title Info Online Viewing
Episode 133
Wild West Film Fest:


The winners & featured selections from the 2007 "Scare Factor Edition" at the Wild West Film Fest: Scare Factor Edition.

Watch Online
Episode 134
Warning From Space
The Basement Sublet of Horror with host Gunther Dedmund, episode #134. This episode features Gunther at his weirdest, screwing around with not only the film but the all time of the episode. The movie is "Warning From Space" the classic film from Japan altered by Gunther to not only shorten it's running time, but add in additional content that relates to the film creating a new parody version. It also features Gunther's battle with a famous Japanese movie monster. Watch Online
Episode 135
The Fast and the Furious
The Basement Sublet of Horror, episode #135 featuring Gunther's re-edit parody version of the Roger Corman classic "The Fast and the Furious". Why would Gunther show a film that's not directly related to horror? Watch and find out. Watch Online
Episode 136
Wild Women of Wongo
This episode features the re-edited parody of this weirdo classic "The Wild Women of Wongo". Gunther Dedmund seems upset that viewers have formed a drinking game out of one of his little verbal quirks. One word... "Anyway" Watch Online
Episode 137
Ghost Rider
This episode features the film "Ghost Rider", no not the giant Hollywood fiasco from several years back, but the 1970s school safety film. We even fooled Gunther with this one, he thought he was going to be showing a new film, but is once again stuck with an old piece of filmatic sludge (shown here in a parody version). It also features a second half with Centron's film "Stage Fright" and movie trailers from Gunther's collection. Version One, with "A Soup of Fun" the M.T. Pockets Budget Film Fest documentary  
Episode 137
Ghost Rider
Version Two, with a new version of the M.T. Pockets film
"Stage Fright"
Watch Online
Episode 138
Bride of the Gorilla

There’s just no end of bad old public domain movies in the world, this episode features Gunther’s parody version of “The Bride of the Gorilla” with musical guest Rap Jackrabbit. Watch Online
Episode 138
Bride of the Gorilla
Version two  
Episode 139
Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter
In this episode Tex LeBeauf, an obscure country western singer played by noir author Scott Phillips, beams into the basement from the UFO he was abducted to back in 1991. Tex has been making appearances in Demolition Kitchen video projects for over twenty years and this is his original first appearance on BSOH. Tex brings you the wonderfully demented "Jessie James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter" directed by William Beaudine from 1966. This is also one of the early BSOH episodes where the film has been condensed to a 40 minute run time and alternate footage has been intercut to spice things up a bit making this a new parody version of the film. Please enjoy one of our favorite episodes. Watch Online
Episode 140
Corridors of Evil
Episode 141
The Atomic Brain
The Basement Sublet of Horror, episode #141. An early classic episode with famed author Scott Phillips, who wrote the novel made into the Harold Ramus film "The Ice Harvest", steps into the basement as a guest host. The entire episode was improvised with Scott writing his character and lines on the fly, pretty fun stuff. Watch the Gunther's altered parody version of the movie "The Atomic Brain", as Gunther follows Scott's lead into a strange episode where a new landlord buys the basement sublet house at auction to turn it into a laboratory.
60 mins, produced in 2007.
Watch Online
Episode 142
Invasion of the Bee Girls
Gunther is having problems keeping things together during the hosting segments of this episode, so he calls in Jake’s Mind Repair to get back in line. This is our Sex and Gore episode featuring Gunther’s remade parody version of “Invasion of the Bee Girls”. Will Gunther get his mind back? Will Jake finish eating the problem areas of Gunther’s brain? Watch Online
Episode 143
Horror of the Zombies
Gunther tries to think of everything that a horror host might need to keep a television show running, in this episode he is forced to active an Emergency Guest Host. The feature film is Gunther’s version of “Horror of the Zombies” seen here as Gunther’s updated parody version with other added material. Watch as the Emergency Guest Host saves the day… or does he? Watch Online
Episode 144
Dementia 13
Halloween episode 2008, Channel 6 version Watch Online
Episode 144
Dementia 13
What better film to receive Gunther’s Film Butcher treatment than Francis Ford Coppola’s first feature film “Dementia 13”, where Gunther has sliced, diced, and condensed the original feature into a new parody version. Halloween episode 2008, Channel 99 version  

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