Horror Host, The Basement Sublet of Horror with your host Gunther Dedmund  
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NOTE: Most films shown on BSOH are parodies of the original and are significantly altered from their original form.
Seasons are based on DVD collector set numbers, not on actual years of broadcast.
None of the films listed below should be considered the original version of any film shown, all have been modified from their original presentation versions.
SEASON FOUR NOTE: The films of season four will be shown in their original unaltered versions  
Title Info Online Viewing
Episode 145
Cat-Women of the Moon

Episode 146
The Werewolf Versus
The Vampire Woman

It’s a Halloween special with Gunther Dedmund as he brings you his version of the Italian horror classic “Werewolf Versus The Vampire Woman” in condensed parody form. The Lawrence, Kansas band The Wiseacres show up to sing there hit “The Kaw Valley Killers” and Rap Jackrabbit makes another appearance to confuse the holidays. Watch Online
Episode 146
The Werewolf Versus
The Vampire Woman
Channel 6 Halloween version  
Episode 147
Walk Of The Dead
Mr. Rule, the grave digger who originally buried Gunther Dedmund returns to finish a job undone. Gunther shows his version of “Vengence of the Zombies” in a updated parody version condensed from it’s original feature film form. Will Gunther escape? Will the show have another new host? Watch Online
Episode 147
Walk Of The Dead

Halloween version
Episode 148
The Monster Meets The Gorilla
This episode follows a story from the hosting segments of the previous episode #147, in this continuation we find Gunther Dedmund buried alive. This episode is hosting by KC Stanton, also the host of our other public access program “Junkyard & The Rabbit” with the feature film “Bela Lugosi Meets The Brooklyn Gorilla”. Watch Online
Episode 149
Teenagers Battle The Thing
Episode 150
Storm Planet
[Pulled from release, this title will not be shown]  
Episode 151
Horror Express
Gunther finds a book of spells, including one that may cause you to disappear, should he try it? The feature film is the classic with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing “Horror Express”. Watch Online
Episode 152
The Beast of Yucca Flats
Gunther is caught is a ratings battle with his frequent guest host Rap Jack Rabbit, should the two have a vote off? Who will win? Whoever wins will host the terrible “The Beast of Yucca Flats” with Tor Johnson. This episode may feature strange and unexplained music videos that are completely unrelated to the film. Watch Online
Episode 153
Frankenstein's Daughter
Episode 154
Night of the Living Dead
Episode 155
Graverobbers From Outer Space

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