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NOTE: Most films shown on BSOH are parodies of the original and are significantly altered from their original form.
Seasons are based on DVD collector set numbers, not on actual years of broadcast.
None of the films listed below should be considered the original version of any film shown, all have been modified from their original presentation versions.
Title Info Online Viewing
Episode 156
The Beast From The Beginning of Time

Special Edition, 90 min. version
Episode 156E
The Beast From The Beginning of Time
Super Special 2 Hour Edition  
Episode 157
Carnival of Souls
Special Edition, revision two  
Episode 158
Daughter of Frankenstein
Horrorhound 2010, Special pt. 01  
Episode 159
Horrors of Spider Island
Horrorhound 2010, Special pt. 02  
Episode 160
The Amazing Transparent Man
Horrorhound 2010, Special pt. 03  
Episode 161
Horrorhound Convention 2010
This episode is the hosting segments from the three episodes that the footage was originally spread over, we join Gunther as he explores the 2010 Horrorhound convention where the Horror Host Underground staged a tribute to Vampira with around 80 horror hosts in attendance. Includes interviews with several vendors, horror hosts, and Penny Dreadful. Cameraman, Tim Manning. Watch Online
Episode 162
Guest appearance by Dr. Sigmund Zoid being interviewed by Gunther and also has Dr. Zoid’s horror host PSA. The film is famed James Bond actor Richard Kiel’s first film appearance the film “Eegah!”. Watch Online
Episode 163
Monsters from the Moon

[Pulled from release, this title will not be shown]
Episode 164
Special Presentation
Excursion One  
Episode 165
Special Presentation
Excursion Two  
Episode 166
Horror Host Graveyard
Death Rattle One  
Episode 167
Horror Host Graveyard
Death Rattle Two  
Episode 168
The She Beast
Gunther faces off with an unexpected visit from his Aunt Eartha while he shows the Barbara Steele classic "The She Beast". Watch Online

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