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NOTE: Most films shown on BSOH are parodies of the original and are significantly altered from their original form. Seasons are based on DVD collector set numbers, not on actual years of broadcast. None of the films listed below should be considered the original version of any film shown, all have been modified from their original presentation versions.
Title Info Online Viewing
Episode 169
Here's a slightly more recent episode of the public access program The Basement Sublet of Horror, episode #169 "Bloodlust". After around early episodes of the show, where Gunther re-cut not only the film but added alternate material to create a hybrid parody version, he began to show films in their original form. Although, every once in awhile Gunther would return to the hybrid parody, this episode is the on 90 minute example of this edited format. The hosting segments feature one of Gunther's series where he shares his collection of celebrity autographs. Watch Online
Episode 170
The Snake People
Episode 171
The Horseman of the Skull
Special Spanish language episode  
Episode 172
Mesa of Lost Women
Episode 173
Dead People
Episode 174
Blood of Frankenstein
Episode 175
Nightmare Castle
Episode 176
The Manster
Gunther brings you another incredible bad horror film "The Manster", meanwhile he has another round of problems with a new neighbor whose a bit too noisy. With an appearance by Doug Redding as the noisy neighbor and music by The Variation Wave. Watch Online
Episode 177
First Spaceship on Venus
Episode 178
Silent Night, Bloody Night
In hosting segments in previous episodes, Gunther referred to his Aunt Eartha from Alaska who used to send him care packages of food. In episode #168 Aunt Eartha passed away and no only willed her frozen head to Gunther, but shipped it too him. This episode continues this fragile hosting story string with Aunt Eartha’s sister Aunt Bertha showing up in Gunther’s basement apartment, she appears to be looking for something. The feature film for this episode is “Silent Night, Deadly Night”, which is our nominee for the worst movie ever made, the US government missed the boat on using this film as a torture device. Guest host Richard Davis plays the role of Aunt Bertha. Watch Online
Episode 179
The Little Shop of Horrors

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