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NOTE: Most films shown on BSOH are parodies of the original and are significantly altered from their original form.
Seasons are based on DVD collector set numbers, not on actual years of broadcast.
None of the films listed below should be considered the original version of any film shown, all have been modified from their original presentation versions.
Title Info Online Viewing
Episode 203
Gunther Dedmund's
Virtual Horror Convention

This is a DVD version of n Online episode in the form of a web site with video clips. The online version is still posted here:
Visit the Convention

Episode 204
The Monster Channel: Monstercast
Special 4 hour Episode featuring:
"The Beast From The Beginning Of Time" &
"The Carnival of Souls" Special Edition
Episode 205
The Liver Eaters
Episode 206
The Hatchet Murders
Episode 207
Driller Killer
Episode 208
Bad Taste
Episode 209
Manos: The Hands of Fate
Episode 210
Shot while Gunther Dedmund was attending the 2011 Horrorhound Weekend, as frequent viewers of the show know, Gunther isn’t to fond of making public appearances. This episode catches him in his hotel room trying to build up enough nerve to actually go out on the convention floor. Will he make it? The featured film is the appropriately named “Tormented”. Watch Online
Episode 211
Horrorhound 2011 Special
with the feature film
"City of the Dead"
This is a BSOH horror convention special where we toured the event floor to interview as many of the celebrities as possible. We were greatly helped out by Count Gregula, who played the role of interviewer for this production. Also featuring interviews & footage of the convention including Dick Warlock (Famous stunt man, Michael Myers), Joe Bob Briggs, Ivonna Cadaver, Jason Hignite (Event Producer), & Sid Haig (Spider Baby, House of 1,000 Corpses) Watch Online
Episode 212
The Eye Creatures
Episode 213
The Spectre
Featuring Gunther's autograph collection pt.2  
Episode 214
Horrorhound 2011 Special,
Part Two
Shot at the 2011 Horrorhound Weekend’s GOTHIC Gathering of horror hosts where over 110 hosts attended that year. This episode is documentation of the Zacherley tribute and the Horror Host Hall of Fame induction ceremony for that year. Watch Online

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