Gunther Dedmund at the Wild West Film Fest
Hello my friends,
I decided to take along my camera to capture some photos of the event, unfortunately since I was there as a judge there wasn't much time to take very many photos. Here's some pictures from the evening. Enjoy! - Gunther
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IMG_4632 IMG_4633 IMG_4634 IMG_4635
IMG_4632.jpg         IMG_4633.jpg         IMG_4634.jpg         IMG_4635.jpg        
IMG_4636 IMG_4637 IMG_4638 IMG_4639
IMG_4636.jpg         IMG_4637.jpg         IMG_4638.jpg         IMG_4639.jpg        
IMG_4640 IMG_4641 IMG_4642 IMG_4644
IMG_4640.jpg         IMG_4641.jpg         IMG_4642.jpg         IMG_4644.jpg        
IMG_4645 IMG_4647    
IMG_4645.jpg         IMG_4647.jpg        

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