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Answers from Joel Sanderson, producer of BSOH

Q: I don’t get Sunflower/Knology channel 99 on my cable, how do I get the channel?

A: If you have Knology basic cable, you get channel 99. During normal broadcast hours they continuously run the Home Shopping Channel, BSOH interrupts the broadcast of Home Shopping.

Q: I tuned in at 11:00 p.m. and the show wasn't on, what’s the deal?

A: a station operator at Knology, most cable stations are operated automatically now so they don’t have this type of problem, starts Episodes of BSOH manually. The late evening Sunflower operators, at times can be very inconsistent at starting the programs on time, sometimes they've even started the show as much as 10 minutes late.

Q: Why is the time between new episodes so long?

A: The entire production is run by a single person, who works two jobs and then on BSOH episodes in his free time, which can be limited.

Q: Where do you get your films?

A: The bulk of the films are downloaded as video files from the web site Archive.org, which also lists the individual rights for each film. All films used in the show are public domain, whether they are downloaded from Archive.org, come from other sources or are from my collection.

Q: What do the episode numbers mean, are there really over one hundred episodes?

A: I started out using the numbering scheme that television networks normally use, which is that season one is listed as one hundred and each episode is a number added. So, episode one of season one would be listed as 101. Then they added the next level of hundreds for the next season and so on. Season there have been difficulties producing shows consist programming, due to lack of staff and money, the show numberings have just continued on in the one hundreds.

Q: The release of episodes doesn't appear to have any true schedule, since the episodes are listed by season are they released seasonally?

A: New episodes are released as they are completed, so they can turn up any time of the year as they are only finalized when I have enough time to work on them.

Q: The show lists a number of seasons, has the show actually been on for over ten years?

A: The past several years have been very productive, so a large number of episodes have been produced. The number of episodes per season was set early on as twelve, so the number of seasons has increased due to the number of episodes added to the roster. I've seen online where people complain about only having one season per year and that it's misleading to have more than one season in that year.

Q: What happened to the show's earlier format where the films were cut up?

A: There are a lot of people who like the earlier format of the show, but there are also a number of people who complain about the movies not being in their original form. This kind of pushes the show into two different formats one where the movies are altered and the other where the original film is shown. A problem arose in the production of the early cut up films because of the large amount of production time taken per episode, it takes anywhere from two weeks to one month per episodes to produce the cut up films. Currently the show has switched to a 90-minute format to allow for the showing of the complete feature films, this also created an additional benefit by allowing production time to be cut to around three days per episode.

Q: Since the current trend in horror hosting is more oriented towards adults and adult content, is BSOH going to change?

A: Sorry, BSOH follows the path of the earlier horror hosts that showed the movies for kids. Gunther doesn't believe in swearing during the show, also doesn't smoke but does occasionally drink (but not on camera, with the exception of episode #106 where he pretended that water was a cocktail). He'd rather not set a bad example for other people especially for kids, which in his opinion is what horror host shows should be for.

Q: Why aren't there skits performed during the hosting segments anymore?

A: Gunther would like to do more skits, but shooting them requires more people to help with the production. Making a show requires a lot of work and most of it isn't really that much fun. It's difficult to bring people in who are interested in doing the non-public parts of the show such as running the camera. Most people want to be on camera too, which is fine but creates more work in postproduction when there isn't someone monitoring the camera and there's a technical problem that needs to be fixed such as the mic not being turned on.

Q: Why isn't BSOH on Knology On Demand?

A: I sent a request asking to be placed on Sunflower On Demand in the first year the show was on the air and after three months of waiting without an answer, I gave up. Later, I was told that BSOH had been running on On Demand for quite sometime and I asked what was going on. They said that they had "Decided not to tell anyone that public access was on On Demand", including me. Update: As of the end of January 2008, the show hasn't been on On Demand. I've email them several times and they haven't responded to my questions, so I don't really count on them posting anymore programs.

Q: How big is the crew or staff of BSOH?

A: Joel Sanderson produces the entire production with the frequent help of a cameraman and with occasional help writing from friends who sometimes make appearances on the show as well.
Here is a list of the people who have contributed to the show over the years.

Q: Are the shows scripted?

A: All of the dialogue in the shows is improvised in front of the camera as the segments are shot; the only script is a rough shot list with basic topics to be covered for each segment.

Q: Where do you get funding for the show?

A: The answer is that there is no funding; the entire show is an experiment in producing as much as possible with as little as possible. The average expenditure for each episode is around $20, mainly for materials.

Q: Why isn't the show still on Wichita cable?

A: BSOH was originally designed and created for the Wichita viewing audience, after the run of the previous version of the show "M.T. Pockets Budget Film Fest" ended it's six year run in Wichita, audiences kept asking when the show would return. There are many reasons including the fact that our main contact at the Wichita Center for the Arts no longer worked at the Center, so creating BSOH was a solution to bring the show back to Wichita.

The opening sequence of BSOH is actually a parody of the old "Host and Rodney" horror host program intro that aired in Wichita from the late 1950's to the 80's. In the intro segment of "The Host & Rodney" there was an old house on a hill surrounded by lightning, the camera slowing zooms into the lone window in the house with a light on, eventually zooming into the window and cross fading to the shows set. Since I grew up in ranch style homes and currently live in one, it was humorous to me to change the old creepy house to a ranch style home.

The show was picked up as an experiment on Wichita cable channel 7, which is a channel for Wichita city government. Since the channel wasn't being fully utilized, Wichita's community arts facility "City Arts" assumed leadership of the channel. BSOH was one of the first programs to run on the updated version of the channel and had a run of six months. Wichita City government made a decision to return the channel to city only programming, so BSOH was dropped.

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