Horror Host, The Basement Sublet of Horror with your host Gunther Dedmund  
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Contact: Gunther Dedmund

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Gunther Dedmund

Gunther Dedmund
is the host of the Basement Sublet of Horror.
He has been collecting old film, living in basement apartments and attending college classes for over 45 years.

Gunther claims to be afflicted with a rare disorder called "Shortfilxia", which was caused by his being struck by lightning at a drive-in theater when he was a small lad. Because of this "disorder", Gunther can only stay awake for movies lasting one hour or less. This works out well since the show is only an hour, Gunther condenses each film down to around 40 minutes, then inter-cuts various odd public domain film bits, cartoons or newsreels in to spice things up. The Basement Sublet of Horror is a unique movie show that has aired across the mid-west.

The show has run for seventeen seasons (which are based on DVD collection sets, not actual years of broadcast) with over two hundred episodes on it's broadcast roster that have been broadcast on television, cable stations, and internet broadcast channels across the world.

Gunther is currently working on concepts for new TV shows, other films and TV based projects. He will also appear in several new books on horror and horror hosts as well as several appearances in Horrorhound and Scary Monsters magazines.

In 2012 BSOH began production on a companion magazine to the television program "The Basement Sublet of Horror magazine" which has had a run of well over ten complete issues, along with six Special Edition issues. BSOH is also interested in comic book publications with two books completed as part of the ever expanding publication series.

In 2019 BSOH was picked up by the online Internet channel "Night Flight Plus" based on the classic 1980s all-night television program, the new channel is also run by the original producers. Also picked up were the two other television programs produced by Demolition Kitchen Video "Living Room" and "Junkyard & The Rabbit".

The Show & Producer
The Basement Sublet of Horror is the creation of the show's producer Joel Sanderson who's been working with old films his whole life. Their were several incarnations of this movie show presented in different live formats, years before the production on BSOH began. "M.T. Pockets Budget Film Fest" was a live stage show that played at the Wichita Center for the Arts in Wichita, Kansas for six years from 1996 to 2002. Preceded by "The Escape' Drive-in" an outdoor drive-in movie theme party that was held in Vinland, Kansas from 1989 to 1994.

BSOH is based on Joel's nostalgia for vintage horror hosts from the past, especially "The Host and Rodney" show from Wichita's television history. The basic concepts of BSOH are a loving parody of "The Host and Rodney", BSOH includes a lonely house on the hill in the shows opening segment as a homage to the host's original TV program which was also known as "Nightmare".


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